Your Interview Starts……NOW?!

Posted on 11/26/2013 3:24pm by Michael Lawrence

The suit is perfectly pressed, the brief case is dusted off, the shoes freshly polished, in additional to all the other “to do’s” to get ready for that interview – that first impression! 


The day of your interview is usually far from being the first impression the employer gets of you.  Is your CV neat?  Did you email it in an easy to open attachment?  If you are being introduced by a recruiter, you can bet the employer has asked your recruiter their impression of you, for example, are you responsive, are you the type of person with a list of deal breakers or are you the flexible type?  Count on the employer asking your recruiter to size you up.

Once your CV gets to the right person and assuming there is interest, typically an initial phone call comes next.  Make sure when you commit to a phone call it’s a time you can be prompt and available to receive.  If you get hung up seeing patients and need to reschedule, make sure you do it in a timely fashion with regret.  If your cell phone gets bad reception, make the necessary adjustments.  At this point in the process, most employers will have a genuine sense of whether you will be a strong candidate or not—well before the interview suit comes off the hanger!

Hopefully at this point you’ve been invited to make a FINAL IMPRESSION on your potential future employer.   The face to face interview!