Our Process - Physician RecruitersOur physician recruiters will help you identify the right position in your job search. The process begins when one of our recruiters reviews your CV, accurately identifies your needs and starts matching your needs with potential new employers.

Throughout the process, our team offers assistance and advice with no pressure. Your CV remains completely confidential until the right opportunity is identified. Once agreed upon, the physician recruiter proceeds to share your CV with the potential new employer. Activity is then created, whether it be an initial phone conversation, a site visit or a quick “decline.” All fees and expenses are paid for by the recruiting party, never by the physician candidate.

Career Development

Interviewing Tips

The purpose of an interview is to assess how qualified, interested and affordable a candidate is for the position under consideration. In order for an employer to make this determination, it is our firm's responsibility to prepare our candidate to answer questions that focus on your medical training, clinical and patient-interaction skills, practice development accomplishments, business savvy and professional goals.

Be prepared to answer (but of course not limited to) the following:

  • How has your medical training prepared you to handle the responsibilities of this position?
  • What medical procedures are you most comfortable performing?
  • What is your method for handling “difficult” patients, such as geriatric cases?
  • Give an illustration of how your medical input aided in the treatment of a particularly challenging case.
  • How have you contributed to the growth of your medical group’s practice?
  • What are the main challenges you face as a practitioner in your specialty?
  • In terms of management philosophy or style, what would you change about your current situation?
  • What are you most proud of with regard to your professional accomplishments?
  • How does this opportunity compare with other positions you are considering?
  • What do you think of our community and its amenities?
  • Does the employment or schooling of any family member play a part in your decision-making?
  • If an offer were extended, what would you be looking for in terms of a compensation package?

Thought-provoking questions like these reveal a great deal about the candidate’s personality, professional drive and commitment to take on a new practice opportunity. If you are not sure how to respond to any of these questions, your physician recruiter can be a tremendous resource. Additionally, compensation tends to be an awkward component of the interview process and should be brought up at the appropriate time. Our physician recruiters offer their expertise every step of the way.

CV Preparation

In order to assess what your CV should contain and how this information should be displayed, it is important to fully comprehend the function of a CV. Simply put, a CV is a marketing tool. The biggest mistake many people make when it comes to their CV is that they simply list information without giving any thought to how relevant the information is, as well as what impact the information will have on the person reading it. While your CV does contain facts about your academic and professional past, you need to ensure you are assessing the relevance of each achievement. The goal is to have your CV to resonate with an employer in the same way an effective advertisement does with a consumer.Because the process of becoming a licensed physician is highly regulated, most of your credentials will speak for themselves. You won’t have to face many of the obstacles faced by other professionals with regard to their CV, such as explaining confusing professional backgrounds or re-shaping the focus of the experience to appeal to a different field. As such, your primary goal is to present those hard-earned credentials in a clear and concise manner so the reader can immediately hone in on the most important and impressive aspects of your candidacy.You can ensure components of your CV stand out through their placement on the page, by using stylistic devices and by monitoring the amount of information provided on your CV. Some people believe that a packed CV equals a good CV. This isn’t true. A candidate who pares down his/her CV to the most pertinent information will be much better off than a candidate who crams his/her CV full of irrelevant information.

It is critical to present employers with a clear snapshot of your experience—one that can be grasped in a matter of seconds. In order to do this effectively, you should list your experiences in a reverse chronological order—from most recent to oldest—and include dates for your education and experiences. All relevant information should be clear at first glance. As a practicing physician, you will want your CV to convey your achievements, as well as provide a comprehensive summary of your academic and professional background. You’ve already gone through the rigorous steps of becoming a doctor; now you want to show employers what sets you apart from others who have done the same. Take some time to make a list of the top five things you have accomplished in your career to date. Have you held leadership positions? Implemented new procedures? What have you done to make yourself a valuable commodity to the hospital or practice that currently employs you? By highlighting your uniqueness, you will be one step ahead of the candidate who merely submits a list of positions held.

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