About myMDcareers.com

iStock 000019547652LargemyMDcareers is a boutique, permanent placement firm, dedicated solely to physicians and physician assistants/nurse practitioners. Your specialty will have a dedicated team trained to understand the nuances of your field and identify opportunities that fit your needs.

We work with clients nationally, in both urban and rural areas, including large systems down to solo private practices. We’ve built these relationships through years of providing both great service and value in a professional manner.

Our approach of working with only a select number of clients allows us to not only understand the needs of our clients at a high level but how you and your family will match up with the practice opportunity and the community itself.

Our recruiting staff understands that finding the right opportunity can be a stressful and challenging task. It’s our job to do the heavy lifting and make sure that at the end of the process you and your family are happy with the long term prospects of the opportunity.

Why myMDcareers?

We’ve built the relationships necessary to get you, not just your CV, in front of some of the most select employers in the country. Not only will we fully understand the needs of your search, we give you the time to focus on finishing your residency or fellowship, study for the boards, wind down the solo practice or simply practice medicine - let us do what our client pays us to do!

We have access to opportunities that never get advertised and over half of our searches are of the “confidential” nature and never hit the “job boards”.

Additionally, our intimate knowledge of our clients will ensure you will be as prepared as possible for your interview and understand the culture and expectations of the employer.