Candidate FAQ's

Why myMDcareers?

myMDcareers specializes in small to mid-size private practices.  In the majority of our searches, our clients essentially outsource us as their HR department.  You won’t see our open jobs advertised anywhere else!

Do I pay myMDcareers a fee to find me a job?

All financial arrangements are made between the hiring employer and myMDcareers.  Candidates never pay a penny!

Would it be more beneficial to contact the employer direct?

We specialize in practices and locations with extremely high candidate demand.  Our unique relationships and direct line to the ultimate decision maker gets your CV to the top of the pile.

How far in advance do I need to start my search?

It’s never too early to start! We work with practices with immediate needs as well as practices that are anticipating future needs either through growth or a departing physician.

Do you work with mid-level candidates?

Yes, we specialize in the placement of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners of all specialties.

I don’t see any jobs on the website that fit my needs?

Our website reflects active, open searches, however we have many passive clients that are always open to that “superstar” candidate. We invite you to speak to one of our recruiters at 561-451-2211 or email info@mymdcareers.com to discuss your ideal opportunity.

Client FAQ's

Why myMDcareers?

myMDcareers has dedicated teams, trained in the nuances of your specialty, to ensure that the candidates that are presented to you are strong fits for your group or practice. You will receive an in-depth summary of the candidate, not just a copy of their CV. Additionally, we will work with you to improve the process to accomplish the end result – a long-term fit for your practice.

How are your fees structured?

Primarily, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get compensated when you hire the right physician. There is never an upfront fee in this arrangement and we guarantee the physician for up to three months. Some of our clients, with multiple needs over the long-term, have engaged us in retained searches. For more information on which plan works best for you, please contact us at 561-451-2211 or info@mymdcareers.com

How far in advance should I start my search?

Your location, specialty, comp package, etc., will all factor into how long your search may take. Our extensive database of actively looking physicians, combined with our marketing efforts will significantly shorten that time, however our years of experience will help you determine what is realistic. Keep in mind, the hiring process is just the first piece in bringing on a new candidate. In many cases it can take months for a candidate to be credentialed or for that “superstar” to relocate.

I have a multi-specialty group, will I have a single-point of contact at myMDcareers?

Yes, you will have one dedicated Account Manager, regardless of the specialty of your search.