Thoughts From The Waiting Room: Service Counts!

Posted on 06/02/2014 2:50pm by Michael Lawrence

If you could improve your business and customer service with no financial investment, would you do it?


Of course you would!!


This was the thought going through my mind waiting for my physician this week.  I was already on my third issue of TIME magazine before I learned the doctor wasn't even in the building.  Made me wonder why I rushed out of my important meeting to be there on time....(even more ironic it took time away from me helping the various medical practices we work with).


Hard to believe this would be good for any business?  Yet, we all dismiss this as par for the course for a medical practice.  


Is your physicians time more valuable than yours?  Well, most of our doctors certainly believe this. 


Can this be improved?  Or should we all accept this as business as usual?  


In this day and age of social networking and internet reviews, we can hold our physicians to a higher standard!!  Bad service?  Long wait times?  Only we can hold our physicians accountable.  Take some time after your 'appointment', or better yet while you are in one the various waiting rooms to jump online and review your doctor and their staff's performance.  


These sites will get you started:


Our time is valuable too!  And our physicians need to know this!


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