Summer Vacation Tips / Pros and Cons of Private Practice vs. Large System

Posted on 07/08/2013 12:00am by Michael Lawrence in recruiting

As many of you plan your summer vacations (and contemplate your next career move), one of the best options out there include a trip on a giant cruise ship, with lots of amenities.  Sounds great?  No?  Maybe you’re the more spontaneous, adventurous type and a smaller, chartered yacht is more your style. 

Along with summer comes hurricane season, so perhaps stability of a large ship is your personal preference to weather a potential storm.   Or maybe the smaller vessel, with the ability to make quick decisions and turn quickly is the right choice for you and your family.

On the major cruise-line, of course there will also be more predictability, less unknown and for most people is the safe choice.  The large ship comes with great benefits like four star restaurants, nightly shows and clean towels by the pool.  There is a manual for when things go wrong and stuffing your face at the buffet is not only welcomed but encouraged!

The most glaring difference of the charted, smaller vessel is the economic risk of this endeavor.  There certainly will be more of an upfront investment with this choice but the unique memories will last your entire life.  The captain meets with you on a daily basis for your input, quick decisions to change course are easy and welcomed.  Fresh fish are caught every morning.   You chart your own course without any limits.

Much like in your career, at some point you may contemplate what makes most sense for you, a large, hospital based system or a private group practice.  Both have their pro and cons as you know, but much like the dilemma above, it comes down to personal preference, what stage you may be in life and career and how hard you want to work.

Things to consider when weighing the options:

  • Do you deal well with bureaucrats?
  • Do you want to achieve partner level?
  • Are you the entrepreneurial type?
  • Do you prefer production based comp or are you willing to take less for a “guarantee”?
  • How important are top notch benefits?

These are just the tip of the iceberg (which hopefully you won’t encounter if you do take that cruise!) when considering which way is best for your career and family.  Please call my MD careers at 561-451-2211 to discuss further.  Don’t miss the boat!

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